Welcome to Down South Wildlife Hunting Safaris

Are you planning your next hunting trip? Looking at Cape Town on the south-west corner of sunny South Africa in particular? You have come to the perfect place!

Down South Wildlife Hunting Safaris with Stephen Mitchell offers one in a lifetime Cape Town hunting experiences from as close as 1 hour from the mother city of Cape Town to extended hunting safaris ranging between anything from 1 day experiences through to 5 days or more.

The Hunting Experience

Many good trophies are available ranging from SCI bronze to the occasional gold. The specific species vary between the different locations but inquiries can be made prior to each booking and we’ll haapily give you the required information. At the end of the hunt the trophies are delivered to a local taxidermist who will contact you about your trophies.

Once the trophies are delivered to the taxidermist the responsibility is theirs. They will contact you by email to discuss your instructions for the trophies.

I will supply everything necessary for the hunt .You should wear dark coloured long sleeve shirts and long pants for the sun. Don’t forget sun block and a hat. Temperatures are cool in winter but can get very hot in summer. Due to the midsummer heat hunting will not take place at midday which is spent under the shade of trees next to a clear mountain stream so bring your bathing costume.

Most animals are hunted using a .308 , a ,375 or a ,243 .If you wish to use your own rifle you must inform me beforehand as it is quite a process to bring fire arms through customs. I look forward to meeting you and promise you a great hunt… For further enquiries contact Stephen Mitchell by filling out the contact form or phone him directly at Tel: +2721 855 3411 or Cell: +2783 676 5434.

For all our available hunting locations and packages, please check out the “Hunting Areas” page.